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FALL 2019

Thanks to all you who've been so generous with your $$ and kind words in buying Run Tiny Human and the rest of my music via BANDCAMP! I'm shocked at how far flung you all are, and delighted. :) It's nice to know Run Tiny Human is getting around. THANK YOU.
OCTOBER 29, 2019
Dearly Beloveds--
I'm on a rest cure in a sanitarium in the Dolomites called The Alm Uncle. The wind makes a delicious sound in the trees and the air is fresh and cold. Heinous summer is nowhere to be found.

I mainly sleep and do the daily crossword. Also watch birds and squirrels, write dirty books and eat ramen with shallots, Swiss chard, roasted garlic and cashews.

I've written a lot of songs. No idea what I'll do with them--I don't care. I'm still tired. Normal for me after an album going out. Yes, it's been almost a year and I'm still tired. Bleaaah.

I've got a couple little albums ready to record--a follow-up to 7 Small Winter Songs and an album about certain animals, maybe a so-called kids' album. Still working on a short thing based on one of my favorite books. When I stop wanting to sleep all the time and save up some $$ from my day job, I'll record these.

They use sweet cinnamon here in the coffee; true cinnamon it's also called. Supposed to reduce inflammation, which I've gotta lot of. They also feed me turmeric and little green iron tablets. I'm irradiated 3x a week with UVB light.

My gallbladder was removed and now my gall is freeflowing. It was so impactful, the change, I wrote two songs on the night after surgery. Bitter, bitter songs, bursting with gall!

I sometimes climb up up up and let the wind push me around. My room has plaster walls and a blue door and I sleep with the window open.

Cordially yours,
So many nice things have happened!

One of Spain's leading daily newspapers, El Correo, put Run Tiny Human on its Top 2018 Musical Favorites list! El Correo is based in Bilbao and the Basque Country of northern Spain. It's among the best-selling general interest newspapers in Spain. I'm stunned my music even got to Carlos Benito, the writer who first put Run Tiny Human on his personal Best of 2018 list, and then apparently boosted it for El Correo's Best of 2018 list. If you ever read this, Carlos and El Correo, you have my heartfelt gratitude. My mind's still kind of blown. !

In other big news, justly acclaimed American author Rick Moody interviewed me over a period of many weeks (via the email) for his excellent and unusually in-depth music column on The Rumpus. I'd seen the movie The Ice Storm (based on his book) when it came out and really liked it and realized a little late that he was THAT Rick Moody. As I told him after I put two and two together, 'now my answers will be fancier.'

Anyway--please do click on the link. He asked some novel questions and follow-ups and was generally thoughtful and so well informed. It was a true pleasure, the whole experience. I'm very proud to have been interviewed by him for his column.

BANDCAMP included Run Tiny Human in their Essential Releases, and editor J. Edward Keyes wrote a truly wonderful review. This was such a surprise and means a great deal to me.

THE WIRE in the UK and host Emily Bick included Little Gyre from Run Tiny Human in their great Adventures in Sound and Music radio show! Another fantastic surprise, for which I'm grateful.

A huge thanks to Popmatters and the excellent Jedd Beaudoin for premiering RUN TINY HUMAN, right out of the gate! You can still listen and read the really nice chat I had with Jedd.

I got to talk to Mike Watt on his famous podcast, The Watt From Pedro Show. !! Still pinching self over that, and thankful for his having me on.

Run Tiny Human was added to several Best of 2018 lists in addition to El Correo's!

The aforementioned KMUW/Strange Currency/Jedd Beaudoin included RTH in their Best of 2018, which really excited me. Jedd's show is beyond interesting and I'm delighted to have made his list!

XRAY-FM/Hello Cruel World/John B. Jones included RTH in their Best Albums of 2018! The last time one of my albums made John's Top Ten was 2008, so I'm incredibly chuffed to make his list this year (picky dude!). ;) He's been an incomparable friend to my music over the years.

Oregon Music News/Tom D'Antoni named my interview with him Best of 2018/Coffeeshop Conversations, which was a sweet surprise! I had such a good time talking to Tom for his podcast and can't thank him enough for his steady, vocal support over the years. You can access the podcast via the link.

I was interviewed for a podcast by a similarly well informed and thoughtful person, Mark Linsenmayer. His shows are so interesting--he goes very deep into the music itself (a welcome thing!) and does his homework! The Nakedly Examined Music episode in which Mark interviews me is an interesting listen--I hope you avail yourself of the link and listen to some of his other interviews, too. Unusual guy doing a great, distinctively different kinda show.

Here's the link to the recent live show of me and Ben Landsverk and Jeff Langston performing on KBOO-FM's Back to the Egg (hosted by the fabulous John B. "Crackity" Jones). We had a great time with our host and played a lotta songs.

I had a fun podcast interview too with Mark Shea of Performance Anxiety, where we talked about Slim Jims and the hapless Washington Wizards and Billy Joel. It's a leggy conversation that takes full advantage of my (and, evidently, his!) circuitous style. ;)

Big thanks to Another Portland Music Video Festival for making my sister's video for my song UP YOU (off Run Tiny Human) an official selection for their fest! It played up on the big screen at the legendary Clinton Street Theater in Portland on 4/13/19.

Many thanks also to Stereo Embers and Dave Cantrell for premiering the video for Up You ! Reading Dave's writing is a delight, and I'm honored as all get out to be the subject of his wonderful brain and pen--a real treat.

Also huge thanks to Popdose for premiering Kristiana Weseloh's haunting video of Wedding Song (Bag of Bones) off RUN TINY HUMAN. Krissy set the song perfectly, and I'm grateful to her, Popdose and Rob Ross.

An additional big THANK YOU to Stereo Embers and the gifted Dave Cantrell (again!) for a wonderful write-up and review of Run Tiny Human. Just blown away by it.

babysue: THANK YOU for that review. I don't even know what to say. THANK YOU.

Dusted: THANK YOU for asking me to do Listed--I had such fun!

Carlos Benito of El Correo: THANK YOU for writing about 17 Year Cicada from Run Tiny Human, and then for including Run Tiny Human in your personal Top 5 Albums of 2018, and in El Correo's Top 20 Musical Happenings of 2018!

Finn Miller, WUSB-FM Stony Brook, NY: THANK YOU for having me on Finn's Revolution, and in such good musical company! Really enjoyed talking with you.

Mike Lidskin, Sacramento--THANK YOU for the enjoyable chat and for playing my music on Twirl Radio!! Can't tell you just how much I appreciate it.

The Vinyl District/Joseph Neff--THANK YOU for the nice write-up (and one of the first) for RUN TINY HUMAN in your column, Graded on a Curve! And for the 'A'. ;)

And I can't possibly express enough thanks to Zaph Mann/In Memory of John Peel/, John B. Jones of XRAY-FM/Hello Cruel World, Rich Lindsay of KBOO/Radio Lost and Found, Robert Richter/Local Roots, and Jeff Rosenberg of KBOO/The Songcircle, all for sharing songs off the new album! And to Mike Lidskin of Twirl radio in Sacramento, Finn Miller of WUSB in Stony Brook, NY, Kate Welch of WFHB in Bloomington, Indiana, Karl Phillips of Random Jukebox in Cornwall, UK and Nick Ammerman of CHIRP 107.1 FM in Chicago for adding Run Tiny Human to their playlists, too.

RUN TINY HUMAN can be found on Bandcamp along with my other albums! It's also coming up in all the usual places, as I get my shit together and do the scut work to get it up again.

I especially want to thank Howard Wuelfing for being my publicist. An all around great human being and the truest ally a musician could ever hope for.

A huge thank you to my longtime, highly valued partner in toil, Jeff Stuart Saltzman, and my dear bandmates, Jeff Langston, Ben Landsverk, Leigh Marble. Also, to guests Justin Harris, Gayle & Philip Neuman, Mark Powers, Joe Mengis, Katie Taylor, Lisa Stringfield-Prescott, Jim Brunberg (and fam!). Double thanks to Jeff Stuart Saltzman. And all the thanks to Jay Brown, for everything.

PLEASE NOTE: Can't say it enough: most of my stuff is available for purchase almost exclusively on Bandcamp. I'm slowly getting it out into broader digital distribution again, though I prefer you go through Bandcamp, thanks.

Thank you for listening and reading and generally hanging around. :) I appreciate it more than you know!

Cover Kitty: Olive Martini Paladeni! Follow her to the music! Photo by artist (and friend)
Tammy Paladeni, Olive's loving family.

p.s....some radio shows and podcasts i like:

Hello Cruel World on XRAY-FM with John B. Jones
The Outside World on KBOO with Daniel Flessas
Radio Lost and Found on KBOO with Rich Lindsay
Kill Ugly Radio with Rich Lindsay
In Memory of John Peel with Zaph Mann
Ola's Kool Kitchen on Radio23 with DJ Ola
I Like It Like That on KMHD with Tom D'Antoni

p.s. Author Rick Moody interviewing me for his column on The Rumpus made my year (and then some). Beyond grateful.

p.s...That two of my songs were included in the Loud Family/Game Theory legend Scott Miller's book, "Music: What Happened?" is one of the things that makes me super proud. Scott Miller died Monday, April 15, 2013. I will always be grateful to him, and to Sue Trowbridge for sharing my music with him.

p.s...if you need anything and it's not here please contact the excellent Howard Wuelfing, Howlin Wuelf Media. Thank you, Howard. Thank you, Wendy, for introducing us.

p.s...My friend Zakk made me a fan page once upon a time on the FB: the
"The Rachel Taylor Brown Music Page." Thanks, Zakk. :)

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