SLUG Magazine "Creatures" Review

SLUG Magazine
Rachel Taylor Brown
Half Hours With The Lower Creatures
Cutthroat Pop
Street: 05.06.08

Regina Spektor + The Beatles (White Album) + Kate Bush = Rachel Taylor Brown

Rachel Taylor Brown starts you off with the assurance, “You’re alright./ This will only hurt a bit,” and then proceeds to take your senses for one helluva ride. This album features everything from a mini rock-opera (“Abraham and Isaac”), to “Hemocult”: seven minutes of white noise taken from a mall, layered together with ethereal vocals and toy piano accompaniment. Light and bouncy melodies and haunting ballads offset strikingly political and spiritual themes so that the album never feels weighed down, or comes across as preachy. Brown has put together a bold, highly intelligent album that no one, musician or poet, should miss.

Kat Kellermeyer, SLUG Magazine