Ormolu: Top 10 CDs of the Year 2006/Rachel Taylor Brown

It is very seldom that I hear two CD's in the same week that just totally blow me away. In fact... it's never happened to me until this week. Funny enough, I received both CD's on the same day.

Prior to Monday, I had heard a couple tracks off of both Rachel Taylor Brown's "Ormolu" and Melissa McClelland's "Thumbelina's One Night Stand". I had been anxiously waiting to finish hearing the remainder of these CDs but could never have imagined how truly brilliant these albums were. With three months still remaining in the year, and a busy December release period still ahead, I can still guarentee that both of these albums will be in my TOP 10 list for album of the year.

"Upright Man" was the first single that I played off of Rachel Taylor Brown's fabulous album. Two weeks ago I introduced "Linda" off of it and it's currently number 9 in this week's WOT90 Top 20 [number 1 the following week].

"Ormolu" is the third single selected from the album. It is simply brilliant! The 'Ormolu' CD is only 23-1/2 minutes long and I guarentee that you will keep hitting the replay button on your CD player... over...and over... and over... Hell, I played it back to back five times in a row.

This is a must have.

["Ormolu" was named 2006 #2 Album of the Year by WOTN]

Mark Collins, WOT90s radio